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what we do

  • Commercials
  • Script Creation
  • Promotional Videos
  • Independent Feature Movies
  • Documentaries
  • Training Safety and Tour Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Music Videos
  • DVD Creation
  • Web Site Videos
  • Original Soundtracks



Silver Sun Studio is a Multimedia production company. We are a full service Audio/Visual Production company creating High Definition video and movie productions as well as soundtracks and motion graphics. We write all of our own music and create all of our own music for every soundtrack and production. We don’t use canned music! EVER! We have the equipment that allows us to go deep beneath the oceans of the world to capture rarely seen High definition video footage. We have the experience and creativity to create an incredible advertising campaign for your company using Social Media Optimization that uses video we create for you to market your company and increase your ranking on search engines. We have the experience to give you sound advice when it comes to your project.

Silver Sun Studio is a pre pro and post production studio that will deliver a product you can be proud of whether it is a corporate production such as a sales video or web site video; a movie or documentary; a music video or soundtrack.

Top 5 Reasons to use video

  1. Technology Ė Our world is changing and so is our way of doing business and being a consumer. We are using the internet to watch TV and listen to the radio. We use the internet to communicate, research and shop.
  2. Power! Ė Video is power. Whether you are creating a TV Commercial, music video or a corporate production, video is a powerful tool to use to communicate your message.
  3. Attention Ė Video gets attention. All you have to do is look at YouTube. People pay more attention and retain the information conveyed through video better than reading it.
  4. Time Ė Because people donít have as much time to devote to reading or research as they used to, video is able to convey an effective message quickly (usually 1 minute or less) in a format that people donít mind and actually prefer.
  5. Flexibility Ė Video can be emailed, video can be streamed, video can be downloaded, video can be burned to a CD or DVD, video can be watched on computers, TVís, IPODís. Why waste your advertising dollars on static ads when you have options like these that have such power and flexibility?


  • 7 out of 10 people (aged 18 to over 65) seek out viewing video content on-line.
  • On-line video viewership is predicted to reach at least one billion in 2 years.
  • By 2010 the market for on-line video content is expected to grow to over 131 million households worldwide.
  • 123 million Americans will view on-line video at least once a month.
  • 66 % have watched video ads & 44% have taken action on what they had seen.
  • 76% of on-line users tell a friend about a video they have seen.
  • According to the AP and AOL:
  1. 54% of the US internet users consume video on-line
  2. 32% watch more video on-line now than they did a year ago.
  3. 80% say TV viewing habits have changed.