Silver Sun Studio is the only production company in the region that has a team of professional musicians designing original music and jingles for your production. In fact, other production companies come to us to get original music and jingles for their client's soundtracks because they don’t have the capability or talent to produce original music scores for their client’s production. Other production companies use canned music. Canned music is music that is created in mass quantities by computers and synthesizers. It is purchased by video production companies all over the world and put into their soundtrack library. They pull the track that sounds good to them for that production and add it in. That is why so many production companies have similar sounding music/soundtracks and a lot of the time music that doesn’t quite fit the mood or feeling of the video that the client wanted. At Silver Sun Studio, we don’t use canned music because we pride ourselves on being original. We want your production to be unique and stunning. We don’t want your soundtrack or video to sound or look like anyone else, do you?

Original music scores are created for all of our productions including movie soundtracks, which are instrumental in making any production look and feel professional. Think of “Star Wars” and how the music and sound make this movie come alive. Can you imagine “Star Wars” without the soundtrack? A good soundtrack for a: television/radio commercial, a movie/documentary, a corporate event/video can set the mood or tone for that production and have a powerful effect on the viewer. Great soundtracks can evoke strong emotions and make the viewer pay closer attention to the production thus giving them more content retention.

Soundtrack and Logic for our audio suites and soundtracks. Our production company videographers, cinematographers and photographers use digital, high definition cameras. InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Keynote are some of the programs we use to create corporate, marketing and event productions. Silver Sun Studio production company can even create your productions in Spanish, French or Japanese!

Silver Sun Studio is a pre pro and post production company that will deliver a product you can be proud of whether it is a corporate production such as a sales video or web site video; a movie or documentary; a music video or soundtracks. We have the experience to give you sound advice when it comes to your soundtrack.